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Basic Facts For Training Your Dog

Dogs are loving and protective creatures. They make our lives brighter most of the time, but also give us a hard time when they have inappropriate reactions. The way a dog begins to understand the world depends a lot on how they connect with it. Training is an important factor to mold the personality of a puppy. That is why training should start right away, not when the puppy is six months old.

Dogs are used to living in packs. So, in order to be obedient, they need to have a similar lifestyle. And as the owner, you have to play the role of the pack master. You need to be strong, stable, and consistent. If you become all soft when handling your pet, don’t be surprised if it misbehaves.

Territory is very important to them and they will chase away whatever puts it in jeopardy. Dogs like to lie in just about any part of your house. So if you don’t want your bed to be occupied at night, you need to train your dog properly. Your dog needs to understand it has a space of its own. To teach your dog about having its own place, take it repeatedly to that place while giving them a “stay” command. Sooner or later they will get the picture. Rewards usually do the trick. Dog beds are very useful when you want to teach your pet about having personal space. Keep in mind how big your dog will grow though, so you don’t invest in a different bed every couple of months.

As the pack leader, it’s your job to teach your puppy do go outside or in a specific place when nature calls. When living in packs, dogs are not allowed to relive themselves in their den. So, to teach your pet about housebreaking, you need to take it outside every morning, to the same area. If you live in an apartment you can either teach your dog to go to the bathroom or walk it every morning.

Any living being needs a lot of attention. Don’t get too busy with buying the right toys, dog beds or accessories. They are important, but it’s more important how you interact with your dog. Exercise routines are essential for keeping your dog healthy. Ask a vet what kind of exercise is good for your dog. Don’t forget to ask about food. Find out what dogs are allowed to eat, and keep an eye on what they can’t eat. Bad diet can literally kill a dog.

Basic Facts For Training Your Dog
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